The Creative Syndicate brand is about embracing your Creativity. The Syndicate team believes that we all were created with some sort of artistic ability to shed light on someone or even the world. We highly value creativity, respect, integrity, perspective, and trust. For now, the sky is limited to the endless ventures I have for this brand only because I'm in college and we know how that goes. So far just the clothing brand to CMI which is now available to purchase has been launched. Thanks to my business partner Nation down at TSU for contributing along the way. In the future, Creative Syndicate will grow into a broad portfolio of business ranging from media, printing, fashion, marketing, and helping other small companies with start-ups. For the most part, this is a freelance blog. I will give you a little bit of everything from specified news topics, health tips, workout tips, and poems; possibly mines or friends. All in all, I hope you guys enjoy the material we post and the merchandise we sell. I'll do my best to post as frequently as possible. I'll share videos if necessary but we're going for the classy feel.